Ever Seen A Cassowary Poop?

Ever seen a Cassowary poop? I don't have a facebook but decided this needed to make it's way to the internet somehow. Taken in January of 2014 in Northern Australia. 

On a side note these guys are really cool because they are the single remaining disperser of the seeds of many ancient tree species in Northern Australia. They live in one of the oldest rain forests in the world and many of the fruits they eat are huge, with seeds too big for other animals to eat. When a cassowary eats the fruit then poops it out in a different location away from the source tree, it's dispersing those seeds to a location where they will not have to compete with the parent tree for sunlight and nutrients. 

In the case of this video the seeds on the pavement have very little chance of germinating but if this bird were to pass it's next meal in the forest those seeds may have a chance at making it.